Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Complete XPath tutorials for Selenium beginners.

~ Learn to write XPath from scratch and be an expert in XPath Writing just in an Hour ~
In this XPath Tutorial series, you will learn all about XPath from basic to advance level with real time scenarios and it's importance in automation like with selenium etc. You will learn about the different XPath functions in very simple way which will be very easy to understand and will make you perfect in XPath writing. You learn about how to write relative XPath with axes, without axes, SVG elements, shadow DOM, iframe and dynamic dropdown etc.

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Friday, November 27, 2020

How to use SelectorsHub with Selenium and Java to save more time?

 #SeleniumUsers: Want to save more time ⏰ while writing #Selenium script??
Checkout this video to learn how you can do 1min task just in 2sec using SelectorsHub.⚡️⏲️

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Tips & Tricks: SelectorsHub

 Here are some amazing tips and tricks to make best use of SelectorsHub - The Next Gen XPath tool and to save huge amount of time.

SelectorsHub Download link - http://selectorshub.com/

Monday, November 23, 2020

Automate a flow without any automation setup!!

Today I wanted to automate a scenario but at the same time I didn’t want to waste my time to download many software to setup automation like IntelliJ, selenium etc.

Then I go to know about this innovative automation tool TestProject which made it possible to automate my scenario without any automation setup within 1min just in few steps and good part I can save test case on cloud and execute it from any system any time.

  1. FREE signup here.
  2. Follow simple instructions and enjoy using it.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Yes we should write our own XPath but what is the right platform for writing XPath?


✅ Yes we should write our own XPath

❌ but never discuss what is the right platform & right way to write XPath.

Here I have explained the best way of writing xpath, advantage & disadvantage.

Please checkout here and share it with friends.

Monday, November 16, 2020

How to write selectors for Shadow DOM elements?

This video will help you to learn

1. What is shadow dom
2. Which all selectors possible for shadow dom elements.
3. How to write selectors for shadow dom elements
4. What are the possible solution to write and verify selectors for shadow dom elements.

SelectorsHub helps to generate, write and verify selectors for shadow DOM elements.
Download link for SelectorsHub - https://selectorshub.com/

Checkout SelectorsHub primary Sponsor TestProject- A FREE end-to-end test automation tool.
SelectorsHub is the complete new way to generate, write and verify the XPath and cssSelectors.

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Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Next Generation of Selector Strategies.

 2 More days to go!!

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1) Learn the advance techniques to write XPath and selectors.
2) Learn how we can optimise the selectors strategy.
3) How to write selectors for complicated elements for those it is like impossible to write selectors.
4) What are the new innovations in SelectorsHub- The XPath Tool.
5) Get answers to all your queries related to XPath, selectors and automation.

Join me live at YouTube on Sunday 15 Nov, 8.30 AM EST / 2.30 PM CET / 7.00PM IST.

Event link, watch live - https://lnkd.in/gVBPs3p

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Friday, October 16, 2020

Difference between SelectorsHub, Chrome DevTools, ChroPath, and Other plugins!!

Many of us have this question in mind, what is so unique in SelectorsHub which makes it the best locators and how it is different from other plugins!!

I tried to make an attempt to summarise the difference between SelectorsHub and other locators tool as per my knowledge.
Please have a look.

Download link for SelectorsHub-


Note: Please feel free to let me know if I missed any point or added here any wrong info by mistake.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

SelectorsHub: The best xpath chrome extension.

SelectorsHub helps to write and verify the XPath and cssSelector.

SelectorsHub is the complete new way to write and verify the XPath and cssSelectors.

SelectorsHub auto suggests all attributes, text and everything along with their occurrences to complete Selectors quickly. Now you need not to copy and paste attribute values from DOM anymore to build XPath and cssSelector. It also supports shadowDOM, iframe and SVG elements. It gives the proper error message like what is wrong in your xpath and cssSelector.

SelectorsHub is invented and created by me.

How to install-

Find the download link here. Try it now it's absolutely FREE.


  1. Click on the download link for whichever browser you want.

2) Click on Add to Chrome.

3) After adding the extension, it will show in the browser toolbar like this. You can pin to the toolbar by clicking on the pin icon.

4) After adding the extension, restart the browser.

5) Now open DevTools by right clicking on any element and clicking on inspect.

6) On the right side of the Elements tab, SelectorsHub will be the last tab as shown in below image. If not visible, expand the sidebar or click on the two arrow icons as shown in below gif.

7) Now here you start typing your xpath or cssSelector. You will get auto suggest for inspected element.

Why to use SelectorsHub while there are so many other good XPath tools & selectors tools?

Biggest reason is, SelectorsHub helps to improve XPath and cssSelector writing skills.

Not one reason, there are many reasons which makes SelectorsHub the unique and best xpath tool.

  1. SelectorsHub is the only tool which made it possible to write own selectors in less than 5sec with its auto suggest feature without compromising learning skills.

  2. SelectorsHub is the only tool which supports #shadowDOM, in fact even Chrome DevTools doesn’t support shadowDOM.

  3. SelectorsHub is the only tool which gives the proper error message for the missing elements in your selectors.

  4. It helps you to improve your xpath and cssSelectors writing skills.

  5. It has iframe support.

  6. It supports svg elements.

  7. It supports dark theme.

ShadowDOM Support

It was never possible to verify and write the cssSelectors for shadowDOM elements but this amazing innovation made it possible.

Proper error message for missing elements in selectors

Earlier there was nothing which can tell us what’s wrong in our selector. We were never able to understand what’s wrong in our selector until we are not expert in it. Devtools suggests 0 matching node for wrong selector pattern. But now we have the Selector’s guide which helps us with the correct error message and what is wrong or missing in our selector.

Iframe support

It supports iframes as well. It will let you know if the inspected element is inside an iframe or not. Now we can easily write and verify selectors for elements inside an iframe without wasting any time.

SVG element support

Many of us are not aware that svg elements don't support the standard xpath format. SVG elements support different xpath patterns. SelectorsHub has made it easy and let you know the correct format and helps you to learn how to write selectors for svg elements.

For more details and to make the best use of SelectorsHub please follow the video tutorials available here.